Humpty Dumpty

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I wonder if I keep eating eggs if I will start to smell like an egg, and if I smell like an egg – and am white and round – do I have a legal obligation to chenge my name to Humpty Dumpty?!?!

I have redoubled my effort to behave and am drinking lots of water – like LOTS of water, but I am craving things that I don’t even like.

I remind myself that I gave up Stress for LENT and that means Stress eating as well. I told my friend Deborah that I may take the “Do Not Disturb ” sign off her door and staple it to my head!


Bras and breasts

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Don’t get excited and think I am going PORN on you – this is not the time or the place.

Some of my surgery friends insist that when I lose weight I will lose breast mass too. Maybe it is because I am younger than they are and much of my breasts are still breast tissue and not fat – but really, they are almost the same size they were 107 pounds ago.

My circumfrance has changed, so my bra size has changed accordingly and I need to boggie over to Creative Woman, Wizard of Bra’s in Monrovia ASAP. Until I am using some of KG’s hand-me-downs which sometimes makes me look like I have 4 breasts, and sometimes are just odd feeling.

However I have been having massive right shoulder pain lately. But, what I discovered is that the cheapr bras are less supportive and I am getting deep grooves on my shoulders and knots in my neck, shoulder and under the shoulderblade so that by 4pm I can not lift my right arm. So, for now I am wearing an older bra that I have tailored. 42 H – how can that be a bra size anyways?

aaarrrgggh! and other stuff

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I am stuck in the same 3 pound range that I have been in for weeks – so I am really dedicating myself (since Sunday) to doing the “protein only thing” – lots of protein drinks and eggs and walking. We will see how that goes. AARRGGHHH! I heard so many peole talk about not losing weight after the seventh month and I don’t want that to be me!
Last night I went to a dive bar/club called The DragonFly on Santa Monica in Hollywood. It is the kind of place where you stand in line with your ticket and show ID – the Bouncer stopped me because he said I was using someone else’s ID. COOL! I still look the same to me, but I will take the compliment (I think it’s a compiment?!?) ANyway. I was let in and did alot of dancing – in the really uncool- I am too white to dance way I boogie down rhythemlessly. Can that count as excercize? No! I did not have any alcohol! The bouncer, when I went outside to rest my ears – did bring me some bottled water though. I took his picture.

thank you Kathy

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for coming out to see Jax sing and dance, and to watch me be bad and eat a slice of cheesecake . . . it was sooo good!

You will pleased to know that today I have had 1 hard boiled egg and 2 protein tubes and NOTHING else, no bread or nuttin!

And, do you just love the way my daughter ratted me out to you!

AND!!! Congratulations on your size 6 jeans!!!! AWESOME! I am super proud of you!- and lucky to have such an awesome woman as my friend! Muah!

French Onion Soup x5

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I did it again, I had French Onion Soup AGAIN last week, that made 5 times in a week. Here are the nutrition facts from Calorie king . lots of fat, but HEY! Protein too!

Protein 22g
Total Fat 22g

Calories 561


oh, and PhotobucketI ate this:  half a crab cake and shrimp and asparagas wrapped in bacon – soo yummy. I love The Derby in Arcadia. It was the first time I had gone and not gotten the Bacon wrapped Fillet Mignon. did I spell that correctly?

Mental ability peaks at 27

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Here is the article in WebMD


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I need to eat more protein and it has been REALLY cold in the mornings so I hard boil eggs and hold them as I drive to heat my hands.

I am French Onion Soup

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Monday with KG and GG at Applebees, and Wednesday for lunch with SAW, and Tuesday night at “Third and Olive” with JA, and again at The Elephant Bar with work friends – I glad French Onion Soup. I think that The Hamburger Hamlet on Lake in Pasadena did it best!

Food Coma

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I tried to eat sausage and chocolate chip pancakes – I ended up looking like this :
Bad Sonya – seratonin overload – I went to bed last night at 8:15pm

NAAFA – 24 hour discriminates against us chubbies?!?!

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Here is a link to the article that claims 24 hour fitness discriminates against heavier people – they are suspicious when we show up with better looking friends and are worried that we will break the equipment with our butts (or that’s what I got from the story)

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