I am AWESOME and I have it on video as proof!

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sometimes we all need to be told we are wonderful! This video is about 3 years old, but I am still thankful for it!


video of me 3 years ago

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I have changed a little bit

It’s true, I’m stupid

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This is me, wondering why I can’t start my car. Um, dork! The keys are still in the door! I do this at home all the time too – I hunt for my keys and discover they are in the door all night. Luckily I have a fire screen.

ps, it was hard to reach around and take this picture!

Be Prepared

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I will save money and time if I have everything I need on hand. I went to Costco and bought a flat of water, a bunch of 80 calorie soup from Weight Watchers ( 0 points! ) and protein shots.

I still want Limon potato chips though!

Size 14!!!

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These were the famouse Gigi’s JEans and I got them on – just because of the tag saying “14” I may NEVER take them off! Now, to do something about the fact I can’t breathe and the welt the waistband is leaving on me!


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Gigi is Famous!

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Gigi Andrews, beautiful!

Gigi Andrews, beautiful!

Gigi, beautiful , successful, happy and now HEALTHIER Gigi is in her community newletter – the Mid Valley News. I linked to the article.

My Bottom Line – another side effect and reason not to lose weight!

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Who deflated my butt?!?! I have always been “butt-phobic” ever since I saw the Phil Donahue (wow, I am old!) program on how to define your butt shape. My butt was a bit shoe boxy and wide, but always hard. I remember Russell Kikkert pinching it when I was in Jr High and being surprised at what a nice bottom I had (he was my high school prom date – may years later). SO I figure my butt is pretty cool and important to me.
Although I maintain that God put it where I can not see it so I don’t obsess about it.

Haha! I am obsessing!

OMG! I am gonna be one of the old ladies with a Shar Pei(spell check for the wrinkle dogs, please) butt! Just look at it!

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