Wells Fargo and WATER

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I drink soo much that I brought my Britta Water Pitcher to work with me.

Going to 7/11 all the time makes Wells Fargo angry with me – and my $1.00 water costs an extra $35. AARRGGH!Photobucket


stuff I see walking

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Photobucket, Robert Scoble would call this a Photo-Walk, but really, it is just me addicted to the crack Berry! Look at the cute kitty – not my funky socks!
Don’t stop here to rest against the light post . . people WILL honk! Photobucket, wonder if I should get a second job here . . . as soon as I get grace and rhythm!
I hatePhotobucket walking in to see this ->
must. remember. to . take . keys. with. me!

cover your eyes! my body

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This is my body – still all rolly, pudgy and fat . . .but more than 115 pounds lighter than a year ago. I am walking MILES and MILES every day and looking forward to being able to swim (as soon as I find my suit).

oops, I need 7 dwarfs!

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I was soo tired of looking at all my white hair, and frankly, I needed something else to obsess about other than my weight and size changes – so I had the cheapest har dye in my bathroom, sat myself on the balcony and colored my hair DARK BROWN – um, looks more like black to me! I am hopeing it lightens up or I will have to avoid eating apples all together and will start (oh heck, continue) singing to the birds!

For Steffi

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this picture was taken about half a second before she jumped out of her skin. She is being haunted by the lounge singer at the eatery who is a “Dean Martin” impersonator. What ever he thinks he is – I think he is creepy!

more pics

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May 26th


Driving to work

before make up Photobucket
after make up – this was yesterday in the morning before I decided to do crazy things to my hair color!
and on the drive to work
me and my daughter as of this weekend Photobucket

the size 14 jeans

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Today, May 24

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I let the Mall Kiosk chick straighten my hair and I have no makeup – I hope it doesnt break your eyes

I received this today and had to share it with you

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115 pounds

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I have been behaving better, playing softball an resumed my “really long walk” schedule. Finally, for the first time in months, I moved the scale!!! YEA for me. Always good to remember to do the right things and not waste the opportunity to reduce the waist!

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