Do not look!

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This is what was causing me soo much pain, it is pus from the bite on my leg. Gross, but cool!



Chia Seeds

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a co-worker gave me this a glass of water and chia seeds.
Chia seeds are high in:

Calcium, and, best of all,
ALA, a type of omega-3 fatty acid. (In fact chia seeds contain more Omega-3’s than any other plant source, including flaxseed).

An ounce of chia seeds contains 137 calories, and will get you four grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber.


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I went to my second ever “Tweet Up” last night. @mayorsam through threw the first, @agentla did this one @phociti


Office Supplies ARE for your hair!

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See, I am not the only one who uses my office supplies as hair clips and hair ties. Given an entire box of toys, this 2 year old chose the rubber bands. He told me they give him stripes like Spiderman and I could call him Peter Parker. Jey Jennie – sound like another little boy you and I know?
And yes, I have the photo release.



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Ouch! I never get an infection, and this week I have an infected toe nail (hydrogen per oxide bubbles are soo cool!) AND this stupid bug bite is hot and pus filled. All of this is on the same leg with my softball bruise.

Maybe I’ll do a Drama Drop and claim my leg needs amputation. 😦


Medicating with marshmallows

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I had a headache and I was annoyed. I did a bad thing and medicated with marshmallows. By the way, vitamins and coffee on an empty stomach with half mile of walking until the loo, bad news!


Cash for Clunkers: insight from a Car Broker

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My friend Ed is a Car Broker and I defer to him on all things CAR. This is what he had to say about “Cash For Clunkers“. Visit his blog and leave him commets with any questions.

Ha ha, I am pathetic

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Pathetic and bored. I need a toy.
Last week I told the man whom I love most in the world (who is not in my family) that I am bored and that I make excellent revenge – and he should find someone he hates but that I would like – and should set up an introduction.

I don’t think that is asking too much – do you?

You don’t?!? Great! You can do it too! (hey, Jax will be gone for 9 entire days – I am free to mingle because I am single – oh my gosh – that sounded like a bad 1970’s pick up line)

so – Criterea:
Taller, smarter and nicer than I am . . . and must love chubby girls because – well . .. I am

I am also 5’4″, my IQ is 145, and I am a cranky tyrant – so really – how hard could it be to find a mix of the three essential O’neals (Tip, Ed, and Shaq).

Seriously! Hit me up on Twitter @sonyakeith or e-mail me “”

I don’t think he is really up to setting me up with someone and I am tired of singing “Ain’t Misbhavin'” Help a girl out!


Look Ma no braces!

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Monday dreaming

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Of chocolate, Hershey’s kisses, actual kisses, Limo`n potato chips, lemon aid, cold water, almonds, candied praliens, and a foot rub. 🙂

It’s Monday. What do you want?


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