Pussycat Dolls or Witchcraft?

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I am in the Burbank Public Library and two litle girls are sitting next to me whisper/singing to The PussyCat Dolls’s “Hush Hush”. To the untrained ear – it sounds like something that would certainly get them burned at the stake in Puritan America.

Apparently they are trying to memorize the lyrics. So  . . . bad citizen that I am, I told them to go Stana by atanza and memorize one paragraph at sa time before moving on to the next.

Yes, I hate noise and people who make noise in the library should be punched in the throat – but: These kids are cute and I appriciated that they were at least trying to be quiet.


Corset – look away, Im over-sharing

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$3 corset… Not a Sonya thing usually, but I’m kinda liking it!

Of course, it does make me look a little bit like an ant, but hey, I am cool with that.


okay, dorky boy is staring at the computer that i still have for 2 more inutes so I will sign off now.



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I’m reading “the quotable woman” and found some jems like “pride is a word often on one’s lips-but they display little sign of it where love affairs are concerned”, etc

And then I had to wonder: what are the best ever “Sonya Quotes”- feel free to add yours in the comments 1. I’m funny, but looks aren’t everything
2. 3 words about me: short, fat and cranky
3 bite me- but leave teeth marks so I will remember you tomorrow 4 oh no! It’s the po-po!
*5* my body is a temple, and currently I’m not accepting no worshipers or donations 6.Now accepting flowers and candy
7, But he wanted to buy me dinner- I could feel it! And who am I to deny him that pleasure 8. I’m spaztastic!
9. Drama drop
10. If God made the we world, and everything he made is holy, and the burning bush sid to take off your shoes on holy ground…. I’m going. Barefoot cuz thats the way God wants it 11. Its okay that you stepped on my toe: I have extras!
12 you dropped your pencil, but really, its money you should be throwing at my feet


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I need to clean off my memory card, but this is the “albino” who wanted your input on future dates with me. No votes needed-his long facebook rants said it all! 🙂


Yes, yes,  I REALLY DID need to take a picture of him with his sunblock. Why? Beause I could!

Soo stupid: My computer Online Scan

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I was browsing on my phone and came across this page: um, my phone doesn’t have a D drive!!!! Programs like this are the viruses-just waiting for you to download it! http://winningantivirusscan.com/scan1/?pid=110s20&engine=p3TxxjT2MTUzLjE1My4xMzQmdGltZT0xMjUuNYAMPAFN


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Storm troopers in Simi Valley


Orientation crowd

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The auditorium is overwhelming, parents and students are standing in the aisles and this is just the Freshman orientation with new students mixed in.

Sept 4th, first football game on the south field.


North Hollywood High orientation

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Jax is transferring from the high rated Arcadia High to a LAUSD high school.

Wow. 10 minutes in and I am impressed. “We want to hear from you about what is right and what is wrong with our school. Participate and give us feed back”. I so never heard that at AHS.

Today, my aunt who teaches at AHS gave me a well intentioned lecture about moving her to this “different type” of neighborhood.

Granted. I do refer to this as “Urban Blight”, but make no mistake: the folks here are very friendly and have been warm and nice to both Jackie and me.

ROCK ON education, after school activities with cool classes like “DJing and Urban art” as well as a homework club with written attendance records happen here.

The report cards are on line every 5 weeks and daily attendance records on line.

Jackie will take the High School Exit Exam next spring- hope for a 377 or better. Oh, she needs 55 units to be a 10th grader.

They are discussing the CST importance. I did give Jackie’s scores to the school with the enrollment package.

“North hollywood high is one of the most college driven schools” A-G requirements.

I will tell you more later.

I think I lost my mind

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for a little bit yesterday – or rather last night and I am still tracking down pieces of it.

Given the scare I just set into the giggleing body slamming (they litterally slammed against the door of the stall) girls in the bathroom – I am still missing a few bits .

I am at the library, avoiding my apartment.

Yesterday I worked for 10.5 hours and was super sore form Rocket Science Softball. A friend came over and I bought him dinner (see, I can buy food for others) where upon he fell asleep on my bed.

Now, my bed is a tiny single sleeper affair – I often refer to it as the Virgin Bed because nothing dirty could ever happen there – there simply isn’t enough room . . . or so my virtuious self imagines.

I turned off the lights, so he could nap, and sat at the end of the bed to talk to his drowsy self . Hey, I am an admitted attention whore: you are in MY apartment you WILL entertain me – awake or in your sleep.

And then it happened, from the angle where I sat I saw his feet, his legs and his belly and chest – without a pillow, his face was hidden from view – and in the dim yellow light of a darkening night – I could not tell you who I was looking at.

I know it is stupid. In my head I started to chant “it’s Rex, it’s Rex, it’s Rex”. I looked away and looked back and I couldn’t see Rex any more, I saw someone much more frightening.

Last night I slept in the eazy chair in my front room and this morning I could not go into my bedroom, and today – it’s all I see when my hands are not busy. So I am at the Library and am deciding where I will sleep tonight.

I am not the Dramam drop kind of girl, and I am not prone to flights of fancy or waves of irrational fear – but my heart is still racing when I think about going home.


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