bariatric surgery is serious

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My grandma’s neighbor, “Cherrie”, had bariatric surgery a few years ago. She didn’t do any pre-surgery classes. She did not attend post surgery support groups. She didn’t take vitamins. She did not focus on eating protein.

She lost over a hundred pounds of weight and she looked great.

Then seven months ago she started to feel sick when she ate. Since then she has been vomitting when she ate and had massive communications.

People forget that something is FOREVER changed. As Dr Bette says “you have short gut”

Nothing is fully absorbed. You need to eat extra protien. You need to take more vitamins than your average person- not for a year- but forever.

It is soo easy to forget that once the cuts and scars are healed- that we are not the same as before.


Vicodin skin crawl

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My skin is crawling, itching, and driving me crazy- but my fantastic disfiguring spider bite is hurting less.

Bummer- I tried it: but I can’t seem to shoot webs from my wrists, can’t climb walls or have spidey sences.

Don’t block me in

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This is not a parking space and you don’t answer pages. Arrgh.


Upside down

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¿pɐǝɥ ʎɯ uo buıpuɐʇs doʇs ı p1noɥs ¡ʎzzıp ɯ,ı

Dyslexic discrimination?

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My bank hates me. That is why it told me that I am not smart enough to handle my own money when I called. Thatis why the teller gave me a pass book ledger to record my balance and do the very math I just told him I find impossible. That is why they charge me $2.00 when I need to speak to a live rep about my account and why they tol me that coming into the branch to see and hear an explaination of my account would be a nuisance.

Arrgh. I have Spatial Dyslexia . . . all the fun things you love so much about me are symptoms.

  • can’t tell right from left
  • chronically disorganized
  • easily lost
  • late reader ( I was about 9 years old)
  • Clumsy, uncoordinated, poor at ball or team sports
  • Has difficulty telling time, managing time, learning sequenced information or tasks, or being on time.
  • (so glad for the extra toes!)Computing math shows dependence on finger counting and other tricks; knows answers, but can’t do it on paper.
  • Can count, but has difficulty counting objects and dealing with money.
  • Learns best through hands-on experience, demonstrations, experimentation, observation, and visual aids
  • Can be an extra deep or light sleeper; bedwetting beyond appropriate age
  • Strong sense of justice; emotionally sensitive; strives for perfection.
  • Mistakes and symptoms increase dramatically with confusion, time pressure, emotional stress, or poor health.
  • Has extended hearing; hears things not said or apparent to others; easily distracted by sounds.
  • Labelled lazy, dumb, careless, immature, “not trying hard enough,” or “behavior problem.”
  • Isn’t “behind enough” or “bad enough” to be helped in the school setting.
  • High in IQ, yet may not test well academically; tests well orally, but not written.
  • Feels dumb; has poor self-esteem; hides or covers up weaknesses with ingenious compensatory strategies; easily frustrated and emotional about school reading or testing.
  • Talented in art, drama, music, sports, mechanics, story-telling, sales, business, designing, building, or engineering.
  • Seems to “Zone out” or daydream often; gets lost easily or loses track of time.
  • Difficulty sustaining attention; seems “hyper” or “daydreamer
  • difficulty spelling out simple and troublesome words


For the most part, I get along just fine and I have learned to find it amusing that I have misread the street sign the same way for years and suddenly discovered that there’s a “N” in Camino Real. (I thought it was a cultural thing)

But all I am asking os for someone at Wells Fargo to sit with me periodically, or to able to call the 1-800-towells number and talk for free to someone. Just seeing the numbers isn’t enough and paying the overdraft fees is killing me.


I wrote to them today in Sacramento – I will tell you if I hear anything.

vitamin list

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Thanks Kathy for the vitamin list from the support group meeting tonight!

Tonight! Support with Tracy

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Come to support group tonight!
Take it over, talk down the whiners and push your questions and comments out there!
Things to think about talking about:
Vitamins – how often should we be tested? Anything new in that area?
Protein – what are the favorite types and high protein food
Diet – refresher of what we are allowed to eat – and can we PLEASE add Limon Potato Chips to the list of approved foods?- okay, that one was just for me!
Jump starting the weight loss
What to do when you’re discouraged

Anyone want to start a walking group? – I am free Sunday nights from 5-7 and will be happy to walk around the Arcadia Park where we had the picnic, or the Rosemead park, or even the El Monte Airport.
Do you feel wierd dating with a new body?
Does anyone still try to sabatague or make you feel bad about the surgery?
and another Sonya Question – do you have new pictures I can post on my blog?

Walking again

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With Jax home, I’ve had to be ready an hour earlier and forgone walking: bad bad move- I immediately felt the difference. So- here I am, walking my morning mile again


water aerobics?

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working out with the water bottle

I drink alot of water too, but people keep telling me that THIS excersize will remove my “Flying Squirrel” arms.


ps. yes, I am glad I shaved this morning – and you should be too because I would have posted a picture no matter what 🙂

Dr Betty and Tracy

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My MD said she is going to spank me, and the nutritionist at Kaiser scolded me (gently – much more softly than Dr Betty).img04319

I had my one year follow up with the doctor yesterday. I adore her – she is smart (duh, she’s a doctor) but also funny, vibrant and easy to talk to.  I am not going to tell you her last name because I don’t wanna share – anyway, I took a picture of the inside of the office to proveI was there – AND I got my flu shot AND I did the icky female exam.



  I need to remember my vitamins – I stopped in the pharmacy and boutgh Vitamin A and D and will remember to be more diligent about taking the rest of them too.  Vitamin D 2x a day and Thiamin as well.I have a follow up in 6 weeks to see if my Iron, A, and D are all better.


Dr. Betty made sure to tell me about other people going blind, vegetative and paralysed because they were lazy and did not remember to take their vitamins – or over dosed the day before the blood test to try to fake it out.

Note to self, and what I MUST remember – my insides don’t like it very much when I play games with them and they always know when I have been skipping pills!

I do like the KP.ORG action and getting letters from the supportive staff at Kaiser. I never hear from Tracy, so I knew I was in trouble! 🙂

Note to SUPORT GROUP – Tracy will be at the Monday night support on Sept 21st at 6:00 pm.


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