Jackie at halloween

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Jesus and the gay Piano Bar

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It was a long rectangle with a low hanging ceiling. Tears were quietly sliding down cheeks, folks were dancing and occasionally jumping from their seats and even I heard “amen” slip loose from my lips. The setting was new to me, the topic was not, I held hands with warm strangers and sang along with the piano and drummer (who was hot!)

The freaky part is that last night I went to The Other Side , a piano bar with Gilmore. Last June I went to church with A’net. The experiences were-at moments- interchangeable.

(Of course I know this is going to make A’net pray for my soul… And that’s fine with me, I like it!)

Her church is in a building that previously knew itself as a bar. That explains why the room was identical. For a moment I thought my life was low budget and the sets were being recycled, but I’m not supposed to notice.

I had a great time, both times (although I am super glad that I got to sit down last night because a’net made me stand up for 2 hours of singing and, frankly, I am a sit down Methodist!. Both experiences were new to me. Before this summer: I had never been to a Holy Roller church where worshipers lay down and actually rocked and rolled as the spirit moved them. Equally so, I have been absent from bars of all kinds-particularly gay bars. Both sites have inspired lots of shopping (apparently Ross is an extension of A’net’s church?!? It’s true- ask her if she can pass one with out going in!)The lad who was Judy Garland had to buy his spangles somewhere (over the rainbow?).

Okay, I’m done comparing and here at 7/11 for my coffee!

Oct 28 2009

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This is me at the end of the longest day ever. I have a headache.



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Why sell this when I can’t eat it?!?



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It’s too cold to get out of bed, my toes will break off if I truy to walk on them, the comforter is asking me to stay under it, I will walk tonight, one dy of bloeing this off can’t hurt, by the time I brush my hair:I won’t hjave time to walk, I didn’t eat Anything fun yesterday so why do I have to do this? I’m cute fat, who needs the novelty of losing weight, I don’t wanna wear out my new tennis shoes, if I lose weight I will just gain it back again ———————-
These are all the things my brain is whining to me right now – but I’m out walking anyways

Happy Halloween

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Only I could post this picture! Enjoy, and if I see it virally on the net, I’ll die laughing! Give me something good to eat- or a pedicure! 🙂 -sonya


My hair is evil

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First of all, I’m developing Bride of Frankenstein white streaks at my temples, but the hair there has always been stupid and sticks up. Yes, I tie my hair in knots when there’s no rubber band around because it is a scientific fact that hair on my neck prevents me from thinking… Possibly at all! Stacy Deal and I decided in 8th grade that my hair is the reason I got that “C” in Algebra!

Anyway, this is me today


got a light?

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“mom, can I have the light bulb?” ..m I reached into the floor lamp in the living room and unscrewed the bulb.

I have to remember to buy more bulbs for the lamp in the bedroom!

This is pathetic.

im a delinquent

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Arrgh, I owe the library over due fees, I totally feel like I am 8 years old again!

Jax update

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The kid has straight A’s! Yay! I switched her schools and then let go: she did it all on her own and hasn’t missed a homework assignment yet. When jennie asked her how she liked her new school: she aid “it’s okay” very casually and went on to talk about something else. No eye rolling or moans or sounds of torture-so….yay! This, of course has not stopped my folks campaign for her to return to Arcadia. Especially after a student was stabbed at North Hollywood High. That was the same day our minister’s daughter’s boyfriend was stabbed multiple times on the street by Arcadia High. Jax is looking for halloween costume ideas and desperately wants to go to a Halloween Haunt. Anyone wanna take her?

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