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Dancing With the Stars cross over with the Biggest Loser. Yup, that is the show I want to see and I want to see how fast te weight falls off!  

105 54
110 56
115 59
120 61
125 64
130 66
140 71
150 77
160 82
170 87
180 92
190 97
200 102
210 107
220 112
230 117
240 122
250 128

Sorry about your car

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I was soo grateful that MY car works, I think I broke Tiffy’s. Oops. Or, maybe our parking lot is cursed! Either way, AAA is something to be thankful for!

Boy Drama

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Boys ranging in age from 4 years to 60 years old (single AND married) took issue with me telling the world that I went to the airport to collect the cutest boy in the world.  (My friend Anna took issue with me publically announcing that I’m a dork) I received phone calls, texts, FB notes and emails about that post until I finally hid it. Who knew so many of you cared? I am flattered.

For the record, I am totally shallow and refuse to be friends with ugly people – girl or guy. I fI have to look at you and my eyes bleed – well, we just can’t be friends. This  means that all of my men friends are Eye Candy Material. I am not naming names – not because I need to protect someone’s privacy (have we met? I am waaaay too uptight to do something on the D L!) . I wont be naming names because, already the boys of America are protesting that I didn’t say THEY were the cutest or most handsome guy I know.

Jaxson, the 4 year old was my favorite, His FATHER wrote to tell me that he was going to break the news to him that I love someone more than I love him. Then they posted a video onto my Facebook of him singing the cutest song about a turkey. I tried to post it here from FB.

I am super happy that Pa (my grandfather) can’t navigate the net yet, I will just have to wait until Thanksgiving to be constantly reminded that HE is the “Purtiest” man in the world.

Speaking of grandfathers – ewwwww. We all know I love old guys, and bald men are adorable. But for those of you speculating that a grandpa can come between me and a Monday night indulgence of Gossip Girl – we need to have a little talk.  Call me at 6267558015 so I can explain that part of the old guy attraction is that they have the ability to call a cab, a car, or catch the bus. He would have to be absolutely AMAZING for me to go get grandpa from the airport – (or just a family member or good friend).

I did see a bunch of long lost friends this weekend, and was happy to break bread with men from my past in Los Angeles, and offered to drive one of them around. . . so if you really must speculate – have a good time.


Nov 17, 2009 6:34pm

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Sonya Keith
1:52pm Nov 18th
Nov 17, 2009 6:34pm
he titled it “to the love of my life”, if I were 4 years old, i would be soooooo in love with Jaxson!

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Tuesday: biggest loser

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Ever felt bad that you couldn’t lose weight? The Biggest Loser kills me, every time- but I love it. Its like when I watch the Olympics every 4 years (I prefer Summer Games) and swear that I will weigh less before the next one. It is probably the only time I do sit ups is watching Track and Field!

The cutest guy in the world

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Is this little man. Just so you all know, he already agreed to move in with me. Sadly, his parents said “no!” And, it turns out, that he loves me no matter what I look or smell like!

38 days until Christmas

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What can you do in 38 days?

I don’t do New Years Resolutions, I like my goals measurable, observable, and achievable. 38 days seems like a random and reasonable amount of time to do some stuff I’ve neglected (forget the holiday shopping, seriously: I refused to be stressed. Nobody is getting presents from me, I’m inflicting “dates with Sonya” on you all. Memories don’t have to be dusted!)

Stuff to do:

lose 5 pounds in 38 days

Sign up for a language class at Valley with Jax (she needs it for college)

See if Valley has an interesting PE class

(Wonder if the three million Valley strip clubs open part time for that strip pole aerobics. – nope, let’s not make a point of finding out, that’s just gross)

Clean my closet

Support group get together – I’m thinking the first week of December. I’m missing you all

Remove cleaning from my list! No, not gonna be a quitter…

Pedicure! This has been on my list for MONTHS, who wants to come with?! Michelle Settergren, Julie Parks??!? This is your present- sorry the surprised is ruined: guess what you’re doing with me for the holidays

Hmmm, Bradshaw, you’re all about cleaning, I wonder if you and Gil want a play date with my closet?!

Collect socks for the homeless. 200 sounds like a good number. So this is the deal, don’t buy me a present- give me new socks to give away! *see what a good friend I am, now you can do your holiday shopping at the 99 cent store for me!

Find new people to stalk for fun. Microsoft has flat out refused to block off Figueroa and parade all the cute nerds down the street :grumble: , maybe they are sending me a message?   How is it possible that PDC is in town and I wont get to see a single cute nerdy boy? It’s hard to pick a fascinating population. Rocket Scientists-check. Computer Nerds-check. It’s LA, so I don’t want anyone too obvious, celebrities are way too easy, and rock music is too loud… Give me ideas! 🙂

Oh no! Seriously?! Is that all I haven’t done this year?

Wow, I rock.

Re-union recap

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This is my “after” picture from the party that Lisa, Andrea, Ally, and Sam threw for the DeMolay of the 1980-1990’s.

Couple of things:

The MidNight Mission in LA got the proceeds from tonight. I’m heartened to see the warmth and re-giving.

It was so nice to be able to go and NOT hear “what happened to you!?!” I’m basically the same size now as I was in 1993. Yay! Lisa said I looked great, but she saw me right before surgery-so thanks!!!!

The men of the only “wild night” I’ve ever had were there, all 3 of them in the same room. To my credit: I had the flu so all I did was sleep, fully dressed, next to a sweet but annoyed guy. ha! Halo shiny as ever! All the same: flash backs!

There were 7 bald men there all in black shirts. There were 2 other bald guys but they wore pastels.

That was the first time I’ve ever seen D. H. And my knees didn’t go weak- look at me growing up! As far as first loves go: he was mine. He saved me when I needed a seat and he Sang, yes, SANG to me in a room full of his friends once. Who could blame me for falling for him. Anyway, it was great to see him and feel NOTHING- doing the happy dance for me!

Lisa: you asked me what I thought of a couple tonight. I think she is like the Atomic Fire ball Candy (my favorite candy, btw) and he is Alka-Seltzer. Sure, he is healthy and can make bubbles , but do you really want them at a party?

J. I. You were my first “guy friend” and are now, and have always been a sweet, compassionate guy and having you as my friend way back then made me smarter about men and gave me the insight to separate the stupid stuff we all do from the people we are. separate the act from the person. I’ve always loved you because you are a lovable guy.

img04684I am glad I went and saw the people I saw, and saw some of my FaceBook friends in real-life, and hold their children too!

And I am super grateful that Lisa made friends with me in 1992 and let me into her life and circle of friends. Ultimately it brought me a wider circle of amazing people and even my child. So Lisa, it’s all your fault – and for the record: it’s black with orange and red poppies! :p

Gingerbread Coffee

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What joy is this? Gingerbread coffee?


Litter bug

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Intersection of Victory and Empire, this blonde throws out her Power Bar wrapper onto the street. Gross!

Joyce and Jorge can testify that I will stop my car and force you to pick up anything you litter from my vehicle. Seriously – it’s just rude to toss your trash on the ground


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