New tooth

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Please Delta Dental, be nice and pay for my 4 hours fixing my broken tooth. I still have to come back for the permanent crown. I did the last hour with out novacain.


food and family

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On Christmas I took Jackie to Disneyland and discovered the Turkey Leg for $8. Super yummy bit between the two of us it remained unfinished. I felt a little guilty not spending the holiday with family but I knew I would have 3 days of family togetherness for my Grandfather’s funeral. Also, every year I give myself the gift of a Brandee free Christmas. However, after last year ( you remember the months of agony because my mother hates me and wants my daughter – the months where half my hair fell out because mom kept telling people who Jackie would rather kill herself than live with me?! )After last year, Jackie and I deserved a holiday to ourselves. It was a wonderful slow day.

Now we are at my Grandmother’s house. Jackie and I woke up and cooked biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs with gravy. Of that, the eggs were the healthiest.  but now I am in a house filled with candy canes, cookies, brownies, pies, etc.

I am not hungry, but the mixture of grief, anxiety and stress is making me want to eat.

Cat Girl!

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Jax wore this because I asked her to. It makes me giggle!


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Locking my door would be more effective if I tool the keys out of the knob!

At the drive thru

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In N Out in Arcadia burgers were extra healthy for this little family who rode their bikes to the burger joint. Did you know you can’t ride a bike through the drive thru?

On life and dying

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A live well lived

Is a life well loved

no matter the number of days

From the moment we start

‘Neath our mother’s heart

Before meeting the suns’ warm rays

Until our eyes close

For the very last time

We exist for love and praise

And given the chance

To join the dance

We hold fast to each other with glee

A life of being well loved

And loving another truly and  well

Until we cease to be

Is depth and comfort

So  I hope you know

You are well loved by me.

         -Sonya  Keith

Whoa. Too low

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Your cranberry undies are a nice color, but seeing as we aren’t even dating- it may be a little too forward of you to let me see them. Pull up your pants. This summer I was on a “topless men abatement” photo crusade. This winter I’ll apparently be posting undies. I warned you. -sonya the puritanical photographer

My Grandpa –

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My grandfather is a man like no other: this week he moved into in respite care.  He could hold a fish in his hand and tell you exactly what it weighs. His sense of humor is tremendous, and if you didn’t see it first hand, you feel it through the wit and humor of his family.

Summer 2009 on Albian Court

Hands down, my Grandma Jackie has always been my favorite person. Together they raised five of the most unique and outstanding people I know. Their house has always been FULL.  Full of people, food, laughter and stories. Mostly, their homes have always been full of Grandpa.

Ray Keith was born in Texas as a twin. He was the custodian of the middle school across the street from their house in Morgan Hill – and as long as I can remember he has been walking a small dog around his neighborhoods.

Like me, Grandpa talks to strangers. He used to take me car shopping just so we could talk to the sales men on the lot because he knew they had to talk to us.

For a while, when I was a kid and long distance calls were done on the land line and cost a lot of money – Pa and I would annoy my parents with our routine where I had to tell him that he was “purty”. After we saw The Apple Dumpling gang together and would quote the lines to each other – long distance- I think we were in danger of being grounded from talking to each other on the phone permanently. The last time I saw him was Thanksgiving weekend, and I told the nurse to tell him he was pretty. She said he was handsome and he smiled, when she said he was pretty – he flexed and posed for her.
Grandpa was a child of the depression and held fast to every penny unless you sent him to the dollar store or offered him the chance to buy a lottery ticket. (Grandpa learned the hard way that I take pictures of absolutely everything).

Grandpa was a big fan of getting right up in your personal business and telling you what choices to make – and that is quite the experience. Especially alarming was the early holiday morning when this old cowboy put his arm around me in his kitchen and very seriously asked “Are you getting any?” (I assured him that I was having so much sex that I spent my free time as a prostitute. Oddly, this seemed to placate him).
More memorable than all the ways Grandpa told you about your life, is the way he spoke about his children. I can’t think about him without thinking of my Aunt Debbie. “That’s one fine woman there Gale is.” ‘You had to be in a really comfortable spot when he started talking about her because his mantra of praise for her was long and substantive.
Of course he would also tell everyone that would listen that my Dad has the weight of the world on his shoulders and without Dad the family – and possibly life as we know it – would collapse.

His other sons, he’ll tell you are sweet, caring, smart, and all combined there isn’t anything they could not do.

But to really appreciate my Grandfather, you have to be a granddaughter. he does this thing where he tells each of us that we are his favorite. We don’t see each other all that often (except on Facebook) so this was a fairly safe ruse for him. I am still not sure who gave him up and got him in trouble , he probably said something in front of two or more of us. Grandpa is a good sport with his girls, we were allowed to color his hair (I DIDN’T DO THAT TO HIM!) do his toes,  and he laughed off being scared by mannequin heads, and could be talked into buying fishing bait and letting me rub my fingers in the dirt so I could lie and say I dug the worms up myself.

Grandpa could fill up a room and fill a person up with frustration and affection all at the same time. He spoke his mind and his heart and proudly declared his lifelong love of my Grandmother. and he is in hospice dying. the world will a quieter place without him.

WISE in space

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Everytime Mom tries to watch something launched, she ends up in the hospital. This is what she missed: WISE . She came home yesterday in good spirits and apparently improved health. Now we have to keep Dad from trying to take her with him to launches – or as I refer to them: high tech space polution.

trying out the web cam

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so I now have a Net-book – yay for me and thank you to the man who gifted it to me. Jax has been loving it and I can’t stay off of it.  It has a web cam and I wanna try it out on my blog. I learned that posting video direcvtly to my blog may not work so well, can I upload directly?

Partof me is hoping not because I am still in bed and look super unsexy/scary.

eek, it didnt work, but I did find video of last night on YouTube. I need a video camera

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