It is not fun to be a girl

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Bra shopping… It should be fun to buy pretty and girly undergarments. If you have anything over a C cup, however….no!

The ladies who haven’t seen their feet in year have to bend because the big cup sizes are at the bottom.
And those big sizes jave mysterious pillows on the shoulder straps, 4 inch wide rib cage bands and the minimizes squish your boobs while magically moving them under your armpits.

It would be really funny except bras are a staple garment for girls so the quest goes on.

They promised I would lose breast size when I lost weight. I celebrated the possibility of Off the Rack shopping.

Ummmm no. 38 H is not in the store. I will find it at Creative Woman for a small fortune and it will look like I ripped it off a German Matron named Helga


Lab Results

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Did blood work today and other than my Rx for sex – this is what I have so far:

Component Your Value Standard Range
HCG, URINE NEG which means not pregnant
Component Your Value Standard Range
HGB 13.4 12.0-16.0 G/DL
HCT, AUTO 40.4 37-47 %

Rx for sex

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I was given a prescription for sex.

I’m at Kaiser doing blood work to follow up since surgery. I already know I’m going to be anemic because I ran out of Iron ad the pharmacy here was also out. Yep. I was going to cheat and take it right before the blood draw.

Speaking of blood …. Lefty’s ( I named my ovaries) been acting up and I had a small girl problem. So, I saw the OBGYN.

For the first time in my life I’ve been given a prescription for sex. Yes, you read that right. My doctor told me to have sex!

Ummm, so, what do I do now?

“Excuse me, I know we just met and all, but you are cute. I have a medical prescription for sex…for reals!”

I wonder, I know they have Medical Marijuana Clinics, do they have
Medical Intercourse Clinics?

Seen at my Dr’s office

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This sign made it all worth while

Annette Freeman was here

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Happy birthday sign toured San Fran via Annette and Cat

I am not an adult

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Veronica had to take my phone away to keep me from Face Booking and texting half of America like Ed and Gilmore and on and on… But seriously, I celebrated my birthday at Chuck E Cheese last night. What kind of behaviour do you expect?

this made me smile

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My Valentine’s Day gift to me

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This year, I gave myself one of the best gifts I have ever gotten – a friend.

Remember being a kid and all the people you knew and how you know some of their names – their full names – even still –  and you recount all the fun adventures you had and wonder where all that fun went?

This Valentine’s Day I got up (too early for my taste) and went to church where I got to do one of my favorite things – hug people.  (It was all fun and games until I poked my eye out on some short grannies glasses). I hung out with the family and the kid for a bit and then did something for me that I should do more often.

I spent the day with an amazing, sweet, funny and smart friend that I had misplaced years ago and found on FaceBook.

Re-connecting with people you I used to know is a scary trip.

  • I am ever vigilant  to see if we will run into the reason we have stopped hanging out. You know, because usually I  forget what separated us and then 30 minutes into having coffee it hits me on the head. Then I have to smile and nod while I erase them out of The Blackberry.
  • Also, it’s like meeting a character out of a book. I know all the back story and the basic elements of who someone is, but am still in the process of being introduced to a stranger. And while I know what has been going on in their life – this is the first time I am hearing how they felt about it, and the emotional tale always makes it more real.
  • It’s been a long time since I was at the developmental stage they remember me at. Having that presented to me, and seeing a younger version of myself in their eyes . ..  it’s good, it’s bad, and it’s ugly all at the same time.
  • Massive self reflection. Introducing myself to someone who already knows the core of who I am, well – it removes all the possibility of bull sh*tting them.  This alone scares the poopy out of me

But I had a good time! I caught up on a decade of gossip, learned somethings about my home town of Arcadia, and had a general sence of happiness that this friend has always instilled in me.

I really like being me. One of the best parts of being who I am;  is the people that I know and the friends that I love. Giving myself this friend again, was a wonderful way to tell me that I love myself!

Silent Bob too fat?

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On his Twitter page, Silent Bob discussed being thrown off an airplane because he was too fat. CNN has the story

Discrimination? Safety? Need for change? you decide

Car Guy talks Toyota

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The trusty Scion hasn’t been in the recalls yet – YAY! But I keep up with the Toyota Recalls though Ed, my Car Guy.

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