Mother’s Day – I need ideas

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Mom wants to go to LACMA and see (as quoted from the LACMA site)

“Renoir in the 20th Century

February 14–May 9, 2010

Renoir in the 20th Century focuses on the last three decades of Renoir’s career, when, following his rupture with impressionism, he turned to an art that was decorative, classical, and informed by a highly personal interpretation of the Great Tradition. Renoir’s paintings from this period, which have never been studied and shown as such, are often misunderstood as they do not fit comfortably into the history of high modernism. This exhibition is the first monographic study dedicated to Renoir since the comprehensive retrospective of 1985 at the Galeries nationales du Grand Palais in Paris, and the first one ever mounted by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Offering an unprecedented look at Renoir through the lens of modernism, the exhibition bridges the divide that exists in many people’s minds between art of the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.”

Where are you taking your mom, and if you know mine: what do you suggest?


why I limp . . . again

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Four different people have asked me today about my walk. Everything from “Does it really hurt that much” to “Why are you limping?”

Apparently I have been defensive and “Aggressive” and “Hostile” about this today.

Let me answer you  – Yes, it hurts,. It hurts every day with every step. This week it hurts more than usual because a big ole’ softball smashed into it on Monday. Right on the bone spur. Yowza.

Look, I found my own feet in a Google Search – that was cool!

Anyway, I am sorry for being psycho. I am still recovering from being scolded yesterday – and frankly all the waddling is making me a little nauseous.

But please, think. I am not Bobby Brady, I am not waddling to get out of the school play or to get attention. I am just trying to get from here  to there!

Sea Monkeys

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Okay. Just candy dissolved in water but it looks like sea monkeys so it is kinda hars to wanna drink it now..


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Every day I look a little more like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show, either that or Bozo called and wants his hair and make-up back… but guess what!?!?! I am keeping them. 🙂

So, every day I have to pick my attitude, sometimes I need coffee to achieve the desired results. I am soo glad I picked up the $2 off my table this morning because I left my lunch and lunch money at home!

Behave or I will start poking your eyes out!

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So as I am watching a family member’s health  and waiting to see how they will be so I can make my Saturday plans – I am having flash backs of Kabuki Girl and her diagnosis of Diabetes.  (She would complain about her illness while eating Cin-a-bun and refuse to take her blood sugar. The Bon would drive from Whittier to BFE to give her injections)

This kind of behavior never seems to amuse me.

At work I have a friend who has a bowl of candy on the desk and cupcakes and other sweet foods all around them.  I know they knows how to test  blood sugar but I don’t know that they do it when no one is looking. And personally – I need people to keep candy away from me at all costs.

At home I have a friend with a diagnosis and prescription they have not filled. Or rather, they sometimes fill it and sometimes don’t. I can tell by how often they have to pee. -oh yes, my life is glamorous like that.

I get it. I get that it is hard to take seriously and anything you have to deal with every day becomes boring and hard to stay interested in.

I also get what it is like to wait and watch someone’s blood sugar flux between 3 and 300 over a 48 hour period while they are taking all prescribed medications because their disease has “gone rogue.” No really cool X-men Rogue, more the super annoying and catastrophic Sarah Palin Rogue. And they have had your same disease for 50 years and behaved every single day – only to have heart surgeries, strokes, death, eye surgeries and a million other complications manifest.

Exactly what do you think will happen to you – who is only half-assed in caring for yourself?

And can someone please tell me why I am the one who is always in trouble for what I say, write, feel, eat, weigh  and anything else I do – but I keep my doctor appointments and get needles shoved in me and take 10 pills a day and have to drag myself out to exercise… while you people play Russian Roulette with your lives.

Seriously, I am not above sharpening my fingernails and poking you all in the eyes!

What? You read my blog?

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Social Media.


So you might think that with more Face Book friends than days in a year, and 800 unique hits on my work blog a day, about 100 on my personal blog (and both of those feeding into FaceBook notes…) well, that I could  do the math and think that someone I know reads what I wrote.

But, nope. I don’t. I am an idiot. And, oh ya, for that I  owe some apologies.

The truth is, most of the time I am not writing for an audience, I am writing for me. I am pushing out information so I can recycle and re-use my last two little brain cells.

  • I post resources and information about work so that I can find it later if I need it. If you have sat in my office you will see the walls are covered in Crayola colored notes and phone numbers just so I don’t have to memorize them.
  • I have a Spartan notebook floating around here somewhere with the names and nicknames and bios of everyone I have dated in the last 5 or 6 years because I have to cheat when I talk to guys.  I never can remember their names or where they live – and I can spend hours e-maling back and forth only to get a phone call from the same person and not know he is the same person  e-mailed.

Sometimes I just think I am super witty and funny. Usually I am the only one who thinks this.

It’s like I am mentally and socially deficient. Because I really do forget things almost as soon as I write them, if I talk to you and you mention something I have posted and I give you a blank stare (and who among you has not seen that?), I probably don’t know what you are referencing.Have patience and talk to me like I am an alien until I catch on.

Also,  it doesn’t occur to me that you are reading this – and I could not have guessed that what I write sometimes stirs the “Hive“. It is just my point of view on my life – it is un-concievable that you people would text among yourselves, analyze it, turn it into gossip, or torture one another  with it.

Sometimes, point these things out to me so I am aware.  You all know I text like the wind from Dorothy’s tornado. SMS me to edit/remove/re-think a comment here or on a FaceBook Page, or left on Twitter.

Also, if you think you are keeping up with my life via my social media presence – you are missing lots of stuff. There are things I wont tell you here. I won’t tell you the private bits of who I am – like who is dying, everyone  – or is there just one?!? – I am dating, who I love, who I try not to hate, and many of the deeper  and more meaningful components to me. Although, I think you really do get more than you wanted to know from all of this anyway.

So, let me take a moment and apologize it one of my off the cuff, funny to me, etc, remarks caused you discomfort when someone else read it. And poke yourself in the eye for not being the person to tell me so – because I know how to edit. I am sorry. I forgot you could read this.


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I was talking and distracted while brushing my teeth. No wonder it did not taste right !

I am drinking water

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And walking

Hammock art

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From my walk on San Fernando road

Softball !

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Goat Scout Season for JPL softball is here! Jax swung and missed in this shot but other wise played wonderfully. As usual, I was Spaztastic but I looked cute with my purple glove!

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