Wig out

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Its my mom in a wig


Why you should really talk to your same doctor about everything

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So.. remember when we had a contest to name my little tumor on my kidney? He is an ADRENAL TUMOR and can cause Cushings. (It makes you fat, gives you a camel hump and moon face, mutant facial hair and oh yah – rapid weight gain…love it!)  He is still there and not doing too much to annoy me. But, he was bugging and for a minute  I tried some steroids. I tried  Aminoglutethimide, which would make me a fortune if I sold it to body builders.  I had tried it, but the  side effects were not worth treating the mild symptoms I had so recently I stopped.

So, I am talking to my doctor about why I still haven’t done my labs, and I tell her that I did go to Planned Parenthood (because I was doing research) and while I was there “got the shot”

And then she tells me that I had a needle stuck in arm for nothing. A big, bad, PAINFUL needle. ( I have a fear of needles) Here is a quote from the Depo-Provera site “If Depo-Provera is taken with Aminoglutethimide, a drug used to treat a disorder of the adrenal glands called Cushing’s syndrome, it could make the Depo-Provera less potent, which could lead to unexpected pregnancy. ”

Is it okay to say “Holy Shit!” in public?

So, Labs on Monday and in to see Dr Betty next week to look at other options.

Which begs the question…what birth control do you use and why?

In 2 months I can try again.

Braaaains Girl Update

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We interrupt this blog to make snide comments at Braaains Girl:

Other than not wearing clothes – what makes you feel naked? Leaving your phone at home, of course!

How are you supposed to know if FakeBoyFriend is texting you, trying to ask what you are doing only to NOT invite you into his plans if you can’t read his texts. Luckily you have a window so you can communicate in Smoke Signals.

Who invited boys to the world anyways? Rah Rah, rawrrarw.

“Bottom” line update

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File under TMI. Last year I posted a pic of myself in the same pants I am wearing today (Yup, weight loss stalled for a sec) so I thought I would post a new picture as an update.

My co-worker Syndie took this one “okay Sonya, let’s just do wierd stuff at work” 🙂

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My friends are entertaining

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I am so thankful for the TEXTING ability on my phone and the absolutely fascinating friends I have at work and out there in the world.

I keep thinking I should keep you all in the loop with all the hysterical relationship up-dates from Braaaaaiiiins-girl. She is the only person I know who re-names people as freely as I do.

Every day we  discuss FakeBoyfriend, The12YearOld, and BadSpeller vs TheOldGuy and MyAlejandro. We discuss “The Adventures of the MidnightMolester”, what shoes chung-Lee is wearing, and Gaga’s attempt to Girly-Girl with her Lakers nails, and what bad relationship advice TowTruck has spewd lately. She listens with enthusiasm as I complain about the ego of Flat-topStarkist and the hookerific clothing the other side of the office seems to get away with – especially a lady known only as Bra-strap.

Meanwhile, I have about 40 of my favorite friends in my SMS address book for my Crackberry. Sex-Bomb listens with sympathy to the tales of my heart – TheBibleThumper updates me on her cult, JaxMom is a steady constant, Chico flirts with me so I feel pretty, Yosemitie teases me with the danger, my Twitterstream keeps me connected with the world I care about and my Facebook status update lets me know what you, whom I adore, are  up to and the rest of you don’t have nicknames so I can’t mention you

But wow – I would be so lonely without you and often very bored.

so – thank you

My new shoes

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The Payless version of shapeups is Champion Fitness …but my legs DO hurt so maybe they work?

my workout shoes at...work - looking out at the police

We all need support

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Whatever your goal is – if you try to reach it alone – it may start to feel almost impossible.

Thank you Kathy for meeting me at The El Monte Airport fo a sharp jab of motivation.  I was teetering on the brink of giving up.

I went home and bought the PayLess version of the Stride and Fit shoes to improve my walking experience. I kinda like them because they are bouncy and I walk faster. However I kinda hate them because once I take them off my left foot feels like I am stepping on knives again. I am going to keep at it and assume I will build a tolerance to the pain.

I had forgotten how wonderful you are and it was fun to torture Chico and text with Christina.

small step #1. Funky new shoes

small step #2. Equal in my coffee this morning.

——————- and my friend Jessica gave me unexpected motivation when she asked if I would sing at her wedding. It’s a Hawaiian version of a song but I will NOT be wearing a coco-nut bra. However, by the time the wedding comes around I want to know I would have looked just fine in one! 🙂

I hate my scale

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I do. I just hate it. Nothing but nuts and soup until lunch with Jules today… I had cheese but it was deep fried….yum.

I ran last night and then stepped into a gopher hole. I felt vindicated when Jax told me that the Hawk I saw ate something from the ground…maybe the wanna-be-ankle assassin gopher?

Hawk at Hahamonga

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