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I am playing with the new camera on my phone



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I can’t help it. I think she is beautiful

Baby Update #fb

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Week 22 check up and from here on in I have to go see the OBGYN every 2 weeks. Not the NO, the OBGYN. I don’t mind too much because she is really funny and sweet.

So, she said

1. plan on a C-section, she doesn’t think the Placentia Previa will correct itself. I think this is a sign that the baby won’t be a good interior decorator. I mean, so far he hasn’t arranged his/her current space that well at all!

  • She actually said she would try to work in a tummy tuck if possible
  • ummm, crap!
  • how am I going to make up back up the stars to my tiny little apartment and take care of myself and a baby after a C-Section

2. Listened to the heartbeat again today, about 55 beats a minute. So far the baby sounds very healthy

3.No spinal chord defects, the tight number of chromosomes, and as far as we can tell the baby is perfect.

4. The Dr has no idea why I get dizzy and faint and start sweating.. so I  have to start writing it down and testing my blood so we can see if I am having a drop of blood sugar or just super-extra anemic.

5.I am very worries about this baby’s politics. I may be having Rush Limbaugh because it seems to be all on the right side of my body.

6. Baby thinks it is funny to kick my pelvic floor. It feels really weird. Is it tap-dancing? Has no one explained to it that the bottom of the room is NO
T the best place to be stomping?

7. I got the flu shot

8. officially can’t lift more than 10 pounds and when ever I am ready I am to e-mail my doctor and she will ee-mail HR

9. My Doc actually wrote it into my medical orders that I must have  a phone with me at all times… hmmm, will Kaiser pay for a new phone?

10. I lost a pound… YAY!

The sweetest man ♥

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My heart melted on Saturday night while I listened to a childhood friend talk about his daughter.

I am going to tell you why.

Matt  received a text message from a girl he had only been casually dating:  “I’m late. I will text you if I am pregnant.”

He called the girl back and said “No, you will call me if you’re pregnant and we are going to have this baby!” and then he did a little dance of joy.

  He has been excited about the baby from the start and sees his girl as much as possible and is in the process of moving to a larger place so they can all live together as a family. I love to read his Facebook page for updates and pictures of his daughter whom he proclaims to be “The most interesting baby in the world” and whom he loves to watch sleeping.

I have met rich women, smart women, women in power, and women who always have the latest fashions.

This is the first time I have really been jealous of another woman – and one I have never met at that.

How increadably sweet and wonderful is that?!?

20 Year Arcadia High Reunion

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A good part of who I am is because of the kids I grew up with. We did Social Posturing out in the sandbox, and Let’s Pretend in each other’s living rooms, and cruised around looking for frozen yogurt late (10 pm) into the night in high school and ditched entire days of school to go to Disneyland instead. (Heather Gibson, Bryan Whitlach Alexander, Jodie McCune, Cambria Davis …) 

The Apaches Mascot as we knew it.


And still, a part of me secretly suspected that all the cool kids lived together. It certainly appeared like they all got dressed out of the same closet and they always traveled in packs. 

Me? I am pretty much the same person now that I was in kindergarten – loud, opinionated, and slightly – joyfully – off-center. I spent a lot of time feeling a little lost and out of place. I think that is why I like John Cusak movies: I  identify. But I didn’t really need to because the kids I went to school with were just like me in bits and pieces. 

I had a little brother who was 10 years younger than I was and definitely the family favorite… but do did Kristi Powell. 

I was over weight and occasionally teased for that – but mostly supported in my effort to feel confidant. Scott Depry used to tell the other 4th graders not to offer me desert because it hurt my feelings to say no. In Jr. High Jill Hudson you say “I think you’re a real hot momma”. Trust me, this coming from a pixie who looked exactly like the mascot for  Dutch Paint – would make anyone crack up. But then there was also Merry McIvor who said “Screw it. I am gonna be a cheerleader and show these *’ers what real thighs are all about!” 

I remember growing up as being a lot of fun! Sleepovers, little league games, dance classes on Saturdays that were replaced by Band Parades on saturday and Band Parties on Saturday Nights. 

It is funny to talk to people and ask what they remember about me. I am not remembered for being smart, or artistic, or a writer, or played seven instruments, was a bad dresser (nothing has changed) , or the girl who tried to use Magic Marker as eyeliner apparently I was the one who could sing. (and I can, I kinda rock… in a very not humble way). I am not remembered for being a fringe character in the childhoods of my friends and compatriots. I think that is kinda cool! 

The other thing that is remarkable is that I seriously thought everyone was white. It isn’t until now that it occurs to me that Alan Au’s email is djCHINAdog because he is Chinese. or that the Valdavenos twins make jokes about Arizona because they are Latinas. To me, we all grew up together, we all grew up the same so we were the same – and are the same. 

Seeing everyone at the reunion was overwhelming but wonderful. I have more to say about it… but theoretically I am supposed to go work right now… maybe I will sing as I walk down the hallway.

catching up #fb

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OMG, I missed you my lovely little blog. FaceBooking is just not as good! I closed my blog so as not to have a slow speed freak out in public, and reopened it yesterday because I had to share a lot of information with a couple of friends. I had forgotten that Twitter picks up my blog and now the world knows I am freaking out.


Well, the good news is that I don’t have to worry about losing weight right now. I guess it really will be a while before I hit my goal weight. Other good news is that I still look kinda normal – starting out a pregnancy while chubby has its advantages.

Oh, and being pregnant is kinda cool – it definitely tickles to have someone rolling around in there.

But Oh my gosh I am exhausted and dizzy. It’s been a long time since I have been drunk, but I think it felt a lot like what I feel 20 hours of the day.

Jackie is in charge of naming the baby…this has been great fun!

so, if you have questions, ask away!

The first ultra sound

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Looks like a cat… I will find the newer ones and post them this weekend

Amnio results

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Before they called to tell me that we have Placenta Previa , they called to say there are no detectable issues.

My baby

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Jackie at the Burbank AMC…I just think she is soo cute!

June 9th

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On my calendar

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