Baby belly

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O.M.G. what is in there?



If you hear snoring

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it is just me, let me be. I had 4 hours of sleep and I am exhausted. When did I get old?

After work yesterday I went to Skid Row to see a friend who has been in 2 movies and a soap opera and still lives on skid row – wow – my smelly little job and apartment are looking better by the minute.

Then I downloaded the pictures to my netbook and it erased as it moved stuff – but um,,, where are the videos? i had video od Linda inging and I want it back!

I called the baby’s Dad and asked if I will EVER hear from him – ecause it only happens if I call him or show up at his house. arrgh.

I really need someone to send me flowers. But a chicken pot pie would be great today too.

I am going to go take a picture of my belly for you – as soon as I motivate myself to get out of this chair

Is it legal

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to post a rudimentary will and POA requests on the internet because you can not get to the lawyer? Oh well, it is what I did anyway.

I would buy beer if they did this ad

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yes, I drew the Dos Equis man . . .


Beer Commercial I want to see


via Beer Commercial I want to see.

57 – I am dizzy

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no, not the age of my latest boyfriend . . . it is my current blood sugar. I am blogging for a second while I wait for the food to kick in and my head to stop spinning. Blech!

whoomp – the sound of everything hitting the fan

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#fb Hello people,  Jax has my phone today so I can not tweet, text, or Facebook until 6 pm. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!

So, let me tell you all what’s up…

First of all,

Super cool, Bold & the Beautiful is growing a story line out of skid row and going to be discussing homelessness and including the real stories of actual people – and the “actors” on the show are actual residents of Skid Row who have been paid for their time. Pretty cool – weven if they are only paid $40 – that’s enough for good tennis shoes to get them through the rainy season. I applaud.


I went to Jackie’s Back to School Night and her teachers love her. They know who she is and all had wonderful things to say about her and her participation in class.  The shocker there is that Jackie has spoken in front of other people 🙂 She is working hard and getting great results. Her internship t the Zoo is not what she expected – but I love to hear all the information she learns every Sunday.


It has been a week since the day DC said he would have the time to tell me his plan. Guess what ?!?!? No plan from him yet – so

  • Financially
  • Physically
  • Emotionally

This kid and I are on our own; if one more person tells me “he will come around” – I may start screaming and never stop. Resist the urge to tell me to file for child support or lecture me on the importance of a child having two parents. Don’t insult me. The person you should be discussing that with is DC.  I can not control what anyone else will do – I can only be responsible for my own self.

If YOU have a problem with my plan – please talk to HIM about it. NOT ME. If you feel compelled to scold, correct, guide, or undermine my solution – understand that you and I will no longer be friends. I am not inviting your opinion – I am telling you mine.

He knows where I live, that my door is always open (or he can find the hidden key), I have shown up at his door, given up weekend plans to be at his beck and call as instructed (though he never called . . .), asked him written him, texted him, called him and faxed him  – talked to him, whispered, yelled, cried and exhausted everything I know to get him to tell me what he wants.

Dead baby. That’s all I got from him. He wants the baby aborted, transplanted into someone else, or anything but in his life.

Continued attempts to get him to talk just give me anxiety attacks and the novelty of driving myself to the ER at 11 pm has worn off. Asking him to take me was a mistake (he went to bed and turned off his phone) and a learning experience – I learned that I did this to myself and it is NOT his fault, problem or responsibility that I am pregnant. 

Now his emotional terrorism has moved on to telling me painful lies about my mother and daughter. According to DC my mom has “apologized” to him for my behavior and said I have been mean to my folks. Also: Jackie has told him that she wants to run away and live with her best friends. (I can find no phone record showing Jax & DC have ever spoken on the phone . . . and my mom flatly denies his claim. I put stock in that because usually my mom enjoys her digs at me and wouldn’t lie about it). Also, I learned that I have been using him for , umm, physical intimacy. Although, please note that since my doctor banned me from anything like that – DC has made absolutely no effort to see me. Nice.

The stress of planning for this baby and the ever-present concern of my mother’s failing health – raising Jackie and pulling a full-time job with clients who are homeless parents . ..  it is all I can do. I don’t have the luxury of being able to deal with DC too.

again: If YOU have a problem with my plan – please talk to HIM about it. NOT ME.

I am trying to figure out how I can pay for a 2 (or  – three I really want my own bedroom) bedroom apartment and looking for all the side jobs I can find to financially swing it. I need to find something within a mile of Jackie’s school so she can walk home. I would have thought about moving home to Arcadia but the rent and child care are more expensive out there and that is definitely out of the question. (and since I am not my kid brother – there is absolutely no chance my parents will purchase an “investment property” and let me live there)

If you have job suggestions – those you may share. I can not leave MAXIMUS right now (first of all, I love it) because I have health insurance here.

House dreaming =

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This is the house a block from Jackie’s school

Video –

“3 Bedroom traditional charmer located in a great area of Valley Village. This delightful home features a wonderful front porch for those nights of relaxing, a large living room with striking brick fireplace, warm and cozy dining room with wainscoting, oversized eat-in kitchen adjacent to a spacious family room overlooking back yard with brick patio and detached garage, currently doubling as an office. In addition, there are 3 generously sized bedrooms with ample closets and beautifully redone hardwood floors and original moldings throughout most of the house. This is a very pleasant home, lovingly maintained for many years just waiting for your personal touches to make it your own.”

Personally I like the Bay Window (like in my grandparents house in Arcadia” and the half brick back yard perfect for grilling and a table – and there are 2 sheds for storage and the garage is already (illegally, I think) converted into an office . . .

I want this house . . . just so you know.

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Can I borrow $400,000 . ..  please! 3 miles from Jackie’s school – easy access to freeways and public transportation, 3 bedroom and built in 1944.  It has a FIREPLACE in the living room (hey, Santa has to get in somewhere!!!) a LAUNDRY ROOM, detached garage, and covered from t porch (for when the missionaries come to convert me – seriously – that’s the reason I have always had a chair by my front door – I like talking to strangers! 🙂  ) and a back yard big enough for a toddler -for me- AND a dog – for Jackie…

go look!

Actually, there is a better house on the same street – let me look for it. Itthe other one is only 200 yards from the high school …

are you serious?

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 I am over hearing someone explain that the services here are a waste of her time and not to her benefit and she doesn’t want to just “give her time” aka volunteer to anyone else…but she wants all of her cash aid without any pressure.

Are you serious? Ahem, Welfare Reform 911?!

If you re not trying to walk away from Welfare, you shouldn’t be receiving the cash aid. It is to lead to self-sufficiency NOT a life style choice.

Pet Peeves

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#fb Dear people with Handicap Placards – TAKE THEM DOWN before you start driving. Read the bottom of the sign – it tells you to remove it from the mirror. Even if the instruction wasn’t there: could you figure out that having a 4×6 inch blind spot dangling in the middle of the windshield is a bad idea?

Dear receptionist with the handicap Placard at work – you get here before almost anyone else and remain parked for 8 hours while all kinds of senior citizens with handicap passes come to the building and have to park down the street. Could you consider parking one spot over (the lot is pretty much empty when you get here) so someone else can use the spot. I know what your “disability is” and I limp too. It is only 6 feet.

To my darling neighbors – who all smoke out at the same time with the windows open. I don’t smoke pot and I don’t really want to inhale yours. Could you close a window or something?

And to the sweet bald dude who sits two cubicles away from me. I have been invited to Carnegie Hall so I understand the value of practice, practice, practice… But sometimes you have to give up the dream. How about you come to the conclusion that you are tone-deaf and can not whistle and I won’t keep wishing I had superglue to pass off to you as lip balm.

That is all – carry on

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