Self Rescuing Princess Shirt #fb

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I am sure you understand that I really need this. Like – REALLY NEED it!

It is from Think Geek

as I find things I like – I throw them up on a wish list so I have something to drool over –

and I found a bunch of funny baby stuff (and some useful ideas – and put them all here:


My little brother

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Looks like Paul Bunyan. That is all


What I am Thankful For

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The internet may not be big enough for my list of what I am thankful for.

Recently I have been looking over my entire life and tracing back the roots of recent choices and planning where I want the choices I make today to take me.  This has been an excellent opportunity to think of all the people, things, and experiences that I am thankful for – and more importantly , an opportunity to give thanks to people, places and things that here to for have been under appreciated.

I am thankful for Jackie. Jax is my sweet 16 year old daughter who is smart and when she is focused = unstoppable. She is also the best entertainment of all time. I love my Wednesday Night Dates with her – and enjoy just hanging out in the same room with her when we both have our noses buried in books.

I am grateful for my faith, my church, and the community and peace I get just from thinking about it. Your parents can dictate your religion, but faith is a personal choice and discovery, and I am thankful that I have never lost mine. aLthough – when I die- I expect God to thump me on the forehead and tell me 1. I whine too much and 2. listen too little.

I am thankful for my parents and family. It is not easy having parents who are smarter than I am and far more practal. I am sure that raising me was much more than they bargained for. They may not have always understood who I am, and I am sure they really wish they had never said “Just be yourself”. But they are always there for me and for JAckie – and oh yah, their cooking is GREAT!

more to come – but I need to work for a minute!

♥♥♥ okay, I am back

I just spent 2 hours with women who had no support systems and no money – can I just tell you that I am thankful for my job, my paycheck, medical, dental and vision benefits, – but mostly the part where my job allows me to help others who need a friendly face, a firm hand to hold and a cheerleader.

I am thankful for Twitter which has allowed me to meet so many people who I admire and who inspire me – like Rev. Andy Bales, Mark Horvath, Natalie from PATH, and folks from The United Way.

I am thankful for friends who watched me chase a dream and held my hands when I crashed and burned. thank you Andea, Lisa, Jennifer, Ed the Cowboy, Annette and the gang!

Baby Update week 30

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Well, this was unexpected and a wild weekend for me.

I had a regular check up on Thursday – and other than a really low blood sugar level, everythingw as great.

Friday I went to do the Ultrasound and met Albabet Boy at Kaiser. It took forever and three days before they finally called him in. the pictures showed that the baby has already turned and is facing down and back. They gave us two cloudy pictures and then DC had to leave to do other things. As I was getting dressed, they asked me to wait for a while in the waiting room.

15 minutes later a nurse called my name and brought over a wheelchair.  ummm, excuse me? I am here to listen to the results of the ultrasound to see if the placenta moved or not. What do you expect me to do with a wheel chair?

I was taken to the Hospital radiology Dept to where I was told I had a thinning cervex. Basically it is opening from the top down when it should remain zippered shut for a while longer. I called  Alphabet Boy to let him know what was going on and then they tool me to Labor and Delivery Triage on the third floor. 

Another ultrasound was done and then a Fetal Fibronectin test was done. While waiting for the results I was in just a hospital gown and strapped to fetal monitors Alphabet Boy after 7 pm to tell him that I was still in the hospital and the results did not come back until late in the 9 o’clock hour.

The Positive fFN test means that there is a 50% chance that the baby will be born in the next two weeks.

I was given a steroid shot to develop Baby’s lungs, ordered to bed and told to return the next day.

I still could not reach Alphabet Boy and was too freaked out to hang out with Jackie or my parents so I drove home and did as much cleaning as I could – then eventually went to skid row to volunteer for Thanksgiving Dinner – then went to my parents home.

Saturday night I went to the hospital for more monitoing and another shot -and was told I can not be alone but got the okay to hang out at work unless I have real troubles. I still had not heard from Alphabet Boy at 10 pm Saturday so I showed up at his door. He lost his cell phone.

I am very grateful for the friends who were with me via texts. Being alone expectantly in the hospital is un-nerving.

The entire thing is un-nerving me actually. Financially, paying for my little apartment in North Hollywood has me stretched as tight as I can go. But now I need at least another room, baby food, furniture, and child care. It is definitely more time and money than I think I can do alone right now.

I am open to suggestions.

51/50 me

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I talked to Alphabet Boy and told him that I really need a realistic plan since I may have less than two weeks instead of 2 months until OUR baby is born. Clearly – I am really feeling like a moron to even think twice that this guy – whom I usually think as awesome – will be worth remembering.

His answers are :

  1. I want the baby more than he does so it isn’t his problem No, the baby can’t live with him (he has a 3 bedroom apartment to my one bedroom ; he has no room)
  2. No, he won’t live with the baby and me (and Jackie)
  3. He is broke so, no, I should not expect him to help. He can’t pay for child care, won’t help provide child care – and he doesn’t know what math I am doing to think that if we pooled our money we could survive.
  4. He is busy, so no, I should not think he will find time to spend with this child
  5. He is dating at least two women, so , you know – his schedule is full – (the best part is when we were talking and he confused me with one of them – also, if I were really a good friend; I would want him to tell me details of his love and sex life).
  6. Basically, this is all my fault and my problem and he would like to be left out of the whole thing.

 So, I so apologize if I seem to be having a full blown mental breakdown. I think I kind of am.

The good news is that he hasn’t suggested a late term abortion in about 3 weeks.

Babay Update

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Good news/bad news . . .

DC and I went to the last ultrasound to see if the complications had cleared – and GOOD NEWS

I need a cleaning service

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I am not allowed near cleaning chemicals, can’t move my furniture to vacuum under it, can’t pick up a laundry basket so much less haul one up and down the stairs – and I am exhausted.  I told all of this to the baby’s father 2 months ago and he said he would help …

Stop laughing at me for believing him. I officially feel trapped in my tiny apartment and it isn’t fait to Jax to expect her to do all the cleaning.

So, if you run into the baby’s father – could you drop a hint or ten? 

MOLLY MAID of Burbank

353 E. Angeleno Avenue, Suite C
Burbank, CA 91502
Phone: 818-972-2745
Fax: 818-972-2714

Trying to prove we kill TV’s

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It loses reception when we walk by. This was very mild


Broken nail

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Sigh. Broken at work. One day after manicure. Tempted to have acrylic placed over it.


Baby Bump Nov 10

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