Darla 3 weeks

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Isn’t she cute


KAISER Permanente – this is just wrong

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I am a Kaiser member (and have been since childhood) and had a baby on January 7th.  I had been told that my child would be covered for 30 days – which is good since she is a newborn and theoretically needs to meet with a doctor to ensure everything is normal.
I had every intention of delivering at Kaiser Baldwin Park – had moved to stay closer to the hospital and was there on Jan 5th in Labor and Delivery to check on the baby because she had been suspiciously still. It turns out that she was just gathering energy for her escape.
Just before 2 am on Jan 7th she was born at home after 5 minutes of labor. There was no way to have her in the hospital and the Arcadia Paramedics took us to Arcadia Methodist where I immediately gave the hospital my Kaiser MRN.
Now I find out that she has no medical coverage because she was not born in the hospital. My employer is requesting a Birth certificate or other documentation with her name on it before they process the request. But I can not get a birth certificate without a copy of a 911 tape, an affidavit from my Dr and proof from the hospital that I was examined (basically a lot of paperwork that all takes time) – and although she can’t be seen now, my coverage for her will be back dated and I will be charged a higher premium for services I can not access:?!:?
In the mean time, I have a 3 week old baby with no medical coverage, no Dr visit coverage, and I am told I can pay $150 to have her seen as a Non-Member – all because I had an out of hospital emergency and delivered her myself (and I suspect that Kaiser will still charge me the $500 labor and delivery fee even though all we received was after care at Arcadia Methodist)
What should I do? Can you help?

have I ever told you

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about the time I was arrested? Cute cop, handcuffs, and his phone number . . . Ask me because it is a good story


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older sisters

from June 2007

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I was soo angry today that I could have been the source of some violence – or as Bonnie jiminez would say, I wanted to “Poke’em in the eye”.

For 3 hours this morning I had a young woman and her two children in my cubicle while I looked for immediate Domestic Violence shelter for the three of them.

Her situation, in a vague tale is that her youngest child is fathered by a man who slapped and puncher her on a regular basis. She did not leave because she had no money and no where to go. She was too proud to tell anyone the truth.

Eventually he left her for another woman, but continued to follow her and track her through her friends. She was forced to apply for CalwORKS (Welfare to you). As part of the Welfare process she was enrolled in GAIN and admitted that she is afraid for her life and the lives and safety of her children. She came in to my office today to meet with the Mental Health CASC referral service. CASC returned her to me and instructed that I should find her a place to go NOW and they would get her there.

I called the Glendale YWCA and was given referrals to 5 other aencies. The first 3 had no room so I broke out the RAINBOW BOOK and found the hotline number. Can you believe the woman who ansewered the telephopne scolded me and informed me that being poor is not the same as being abused and my person should stop trying to manipulate the system?!?!? WHAT?!?!?!?

Eventually i found her a placement, but by that time my lady was beaten down and defeated by the challenge of trying to save herself and walked out of my office.

I don’t know if she will come back to me or go to her batterer.

post baby body

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hey! I can walk and run again and nothing sharp is trying to escape or kill me – I can bend over without an obsticle impeding my progress and I can roll over in my sleep with out a tearing pain… neat

butt I still find myself rubbing just under my ribs and am surprised to find nothing hard there. I did not have abs of steel, but I did have Abs of Baby!

Being away from work took me away from Chicken Salad sandwiches and Limon potato chips so I lost weight the last few weeks – well, that in combination with untenable stress. but I can almost put my old pants back on – and back to my favorite topic – What happened to my butt?!? The pants I can wear are baggy in the most unexpected place. I am not complaining, but (see the bun pun?!?) it is odd!

No more puffy prego face and all the girls have a lap they can sit on again – and the distance from my tummy and the steering wheel is a chasm I had forgotten about.

I think having gotten hugely fat for so long, and then having lost most of that weight only to bulk out again when pregnant – well – I forgot what my body now naturally looks like.

I will be soo happy to be able to resume walking and working out because after the last of the baby weight goes (10 more pounds) I still have 17 I was in the middle of getting rid of.

Pink hat

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the hat is one of many from Jen Formanimage

And baby love

Confession of a lazy but high tech mommy #fb

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Mommydom is exhausting. I forgot what it is like to walk around feeling tipsy with the world spinning because of too little sleep – plus, I am lazy and I like it that way.

When Jax was a baby I made a tape of me reading and singing to her that I could play on her Little Tykes tape player when I wanted to sleep while rocking her.

Darla is getting You Tube Action. That’s right, I am using the Android to tape me singing to her and posting it on YouTube. It is soo much easier to push a button on screen and have sound and picture than it is to try to remember the words to anything at 2 a.m.

The only lullaby I could think of

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Baby’s first pair of shoes

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Thanks Bonnie!

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