Alphabet Boys newest stance

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In cartoon form because how can I take him seriously?



Ducky Darla ready for rain

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happy birthday

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to meeeeeee

I am kinda awesome, and I kinda suck

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and really, I am okay with that.
I have two wonderful girls,
and two animated “Bonus Kids” that I sometimes refer to as my “Rent-a-kids” because of all the money I spend on them.
I have wonderful friends who put up with my pscho-ceramic antics (crack pot for those of you who don’t speak Sonyanese)
no pot or other illegal drug has been put in my body
I have had some of the same friends all my life
I am loyal – well past a fault
I know who I am
I have a calling that I listened to and it makes me happy
I have found places to volunteer that make me fulfilled
I have adjusted my priorities and values to make the people I admire those who are doing good for the world
I love
I draw really odd cartoons and then text them to my friends
I write comic books for little kids
Everyday I make someone laugh
Spontaniously, I burst into song
I drive like a Grandma (no moving violations dude!)
I still write letters by hand
and my handwriting is really well formed (because my mom made me practice all the time)
Please and Thank You are out of my mouth on a daily basis
I sing, play 7 instuments and love the arts
I have never tried to hurt someone I don’t know
and I have never encouraged anyone to run to me and not towards facing the problems they made

I can not spell
I am messy
I don’t cook well
I refuse to clean unless I am really mad
I throw temper tantrums
I am now suspicious and will find out when you are lying to me
I am bad at being sneaky because I always tell you what I found out and how
I publically complain about anyone who has put serious thought into hurting me or my girls or my family
I leave my car unlocked because I leave my keys in it all the time
I forget to take my key out of the front door
Beans and Cheese make me smell bad
One time, I sat in Tiffany’s and pooted in one of their blue chairs. I thought it was funny, Bonnie did not.
I have no rhythem and should not be allowed to dance, ever
I only own 3 pairs of shoes
I pee’d in the pool once (or twice)
Everything gets written down so I can remember it
I am hyper critical, probably because I notice everything
I owe a library fine
I will forgive you, but I will continue to make your life Hell for as long as you were a jerk to me
my left hand can’t snap it’s fingers
I am sensitive and expect you to adjust yourself accordingly
I was terrified to have another child
And intolerant of the idea that because I wouldn’t have an abortion I should raise her alone
I will use my powers for bad things, just because I can

and I like myself just the way I am
also, I am entertained that Lindey is reading this…

#fb passed out

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A sevgggggytytyyyyyyyyyyyyttttttt


You cannot be a Keith

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Until you have some jeans. It is, like, a law or something.

Executive Darla

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Fashion Alert

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I am no fashion diva ( I only own 3 pairs of shoes ), but this just looks wrong.

I am glad that men have not decided that cotton/spandex leggings are pants, but I see it coming. Somehow this old lady thinks lace trimmed leggings are pants when paired with a baggy sweatshirt ( ala 1990 ?). It did not work then. It will not work now- especially since your bottom is not covered by the shirt.

The socks with slip on shoes exposing inches of pasty unshaven leg… wow! Soo sexy that I may switch teams…

My eyes. Her outfit is burning my eyes!

Contemplate Your Navel If You Forgot to Feel Loved Yesterday

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put your hand on your tummy. Feel around until you find the divot that is your Belly Button.

That is where you began and your mother ended. If you know your mother, and even if you never met her or lost her early – she loved you.

Some woman loved you enough to have you, to keep you, to get swollen feet and lose the ability to bend over, to have hot flashes, mood swings, and the most interesting side effects ever of letting you inhabit her body.

Some woman (sometimes not the same one) let go of regular sleep, long showers, and using the restroom with the door closed so that she could be with you when you needed and learn to interpret your cries. (I say this as I am boiling bottles at 1:28am).

Some of you may not have been planned, and a few of you may not have been kept, but you were loved.

Splish Splash

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Darla took a bath…


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