Contemplate Your Navel If You Forgot to Feel Loved Yesterday

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put your hand on your tummy. Feel around until you find the divot that is your Belly Button.

That is where you began and your mother ended. If you know your mother, and even if you never met her or lost her early – she loved you.

Some woman loved you enough to have you, to keep you, to get swollen feet and lose the ability to bend over, to have hot flashes, mood swings, and the most interesting side effects ever of letting you inhabit her body.

Some woman (sometimes not the same one) let go of regular sleep, long showers, and using the restroom with the door closed so that she could be with you when you needed and learn to interpret your cries. (I say this as I am boiling bottles at 1:28am).

Some of you may not have been planned, and a few of you may not have been kept, but you were loved.

why I limp . . . again

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Four different people have asked me today about my walk. Everything from “Does it really hurt that much” to “Why are you limping?”

Apparently I have been defensive and “Aggressive” and “Hostile” about this today.

Let me answer you  – Yes, it hurts,. It hurts every day with every step. This week it hurts more than usual because a big ole’ softball smashed into it on Monday. Right on the bone spur. Yowza.

Look, I found my own feet in a Google Search – that was cool!

Anyway, I am sorry for being psycho. I am still recovering from being scolded yesterday – and frankly all the waddling is making me a little nauseous.

But please, think. I am not Bobby Brady, I am not waddling to get out of the school play or to get attention. I am just trying to get from here  to there!

stupid girl problem

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that could only happen to me. grr 

yesterday as I drove home, my left arm started to ache. it felt like knives in my shoulder joint and my fingers were stiff. All through dinner it was worse and I looked like a broken bird with my arm bent in front of me. 

I know, look how pretty my artwork is! :p


After dinner I could not get out of my seat belt, could not text, could not move so I took Tylenol and called the Advice Nurse at Kaiser then went to sleep. Meanwhile my mom is certain I am having a heart attack and I am certain I just need to wait it out… 

At 4:40 am I took off the left bra strap from my shoulder and went back to sleep. 

At 6:09 I woke up a little stiff, cracked my shoulder and was able to move… 

I was attacked by my bra strap. Who does that happen to? Only me. 

Rx for sex

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I was given a prescription for sex.

I’m at Kaiser doing blood work to follow up since surgery. I already know I’m going to be anemic because I ran out of Iron ad the pharmacy here was also out. Yep. I was going to cheat and take it right before the blood draw.

Speaking of blood …. Lefty’s ( I named my ovaries) been acting up and I had a small girl problem. So, I saw the OBGYN.

For the first time in my life I’ve been given a prescription for sex. Yes, you read that right. My doctor told me to have sex!

Ummm, so, what do I do now?

“Excuse me, I know we just met and all, but you are cute. I have a medical prescription for sex…for reals!”

I wonder, I know they have Medical Marijuana Clinics, do they have
Medical Intercourse Clinics?

water aerobics?

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working out with the water bottle

I drink alot of water too, but people keep telling me that THIS excersize will remove my “Flying Squirrel” arms.


ps. yes, I am glad I shaved this morning – and you should be too because I would have posted a picture no matter what 🙂

My torso

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210 pounds (will I ever get below 200?) This is my torso – I’ve never taken it’s picture before whatcha think?


Oh, supportgroupis tonight but . . .Iam playing softball!

cover your eyes! my body

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This is my body – still all rolly, pudgy and fat . . .but more than 115 pounds lighter than a year ago. I am walking MILES and MILES every day and looking forward to being able to swim (as soon as I find my suit).

oops, I need 7 dwarfs!

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I was soo tired of looking at all my white hair, and frankly, I needed something else to obsess about other than my weight and size changes – so I had the cheapest har dye in my bathroom, sat myself on the balcony and colored my hair DARK BROWN – um, looks more like black to me! I am hopeing it lightens up or I will have to avoid eating apples all together and will start (oh heck, continue) singing to the birds!

video of me 3 years ago

April 19, 2009 at 4:19 PM | Posted in body, body parts. mouth, fat, Sonya | Leave a comment

I have changed a little bit

I have knees and shoulders

March 18, 2009 at 4:22 PM | Posted in body, body parts. mouth, size changes, weight loss | 1 Comment

woo hoo!

I looked in the mirror this morning as I slipped on a sleeveless sundress and noticed these rounded knobs on the top of my arms – OMG! I have actual shoulders! And!!! my arms can go straight down instead of out at a 30 degree angle. This is too cool.

As I was sitting at lunch with my buddy (S.A.W.) I noticed something poking into my calf – I have KNEES too! I was sitting with my legs curled next to me and discovered the knees. When I stood up I pressed my legs togeher and OUCH! Knees hurt when they knock each other.

this is soo awesome!

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