Darla 3 weeks

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Isn’t she cute

Reason not to lose weight #4

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Dressing gets confusing. I’m in the loo looking at the waistband of my pants which I did not need to un-button(so I didn’t) and I see THIS button staring and me and suddenly I’m struck dumb with fear: are my pants on inside out?!?

After carefully examining the seams, it seems (ha ha, I’m funny) that these pants have a trouser closing and this button is supposed to befacing my belly button (has a button ever stuck in a belly button- who do I ask to find out? Is there Federal Survey funds for that?).

Anyway, previously I would never have tried to button my pants in the first place and would have flipped the waistband down for the extra 2 inches of girth.

See, losing weight has it’s drawbacks!


what wierdo takes a picture of their pants in the bathroom - oh, wait - I just did.

the size 14 jeans

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Size 14!!!

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These were the famouse Gigi’s JEans and I got them on – just because of the tag saying “14” I may NEVER take them off! Now, to do something about the fact I can’t breathe and the welt the waistband is leaving on me!

Bras and breasts

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Don’t get excited and think I am going PORN on you – this is not the time or the place.

Some of my surgery friends insist that when I lose weight I will lose breast mass too. Maybe it is because I am younger than they are and much of my breasts are still breast tissue and not fat – but really, they are almost the same size they were 107 pounds ago.

My circumfrance has changed, so my bra size has changed accordingly and I need to boggie over to Creative Woman, Wizard of Bra’s in Monrovia ASAP. Until I am using some of KG’s hand-me-downs which sometimes makes me look like I have 4 breasts, and sometimes are just odd feeling.

However I have been having massive right shoulder pain lately. But, what I discovered is that the cheapr bras are less supportive and I am getting deep grooves on my shoulders and knots in my neck, shoulder and under the shoulderblade so that by 4pm I can not lift my right arm. So, for now I am wearing an older bra that I have tailored. 42 H – how can that be a bra size anyways?

March 19th

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Thank you , Gigi, for the dress! I wore it to a lunch date and I am about to go to a dinner date in it! Woo Hoo! Look out world!

Reason not to lose weight #2 (stupid side effect)

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Today I look like a nun in a severe and simple black romper and white t-shirt underneath.

Under all of that, my panties are sliding down, which was not a good thing to happen as I walked into the office holding armloads of random supplies including coffee that could not be dropped to salvage my dignity. I delicately shuffled (thighs together) to the elevator where I re-adjusted. Once at my desk I safety pinned the offending undergarments to my shirt.

I guess it is time to buy smaller panties because I certainly don’t want THOSE as hand – me downs!
Eventually the safety pin became a problem – so I had another bright idea – I guess it brings new meaning to “don’t get your panties in a twist!”

reason NOT to lose weight #1

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Everyone tells us we should lose weight because it is good for us, our bodies and spirits. No one ever tells us why we should NOT lose weight.

Reason #1: Your clothes will fall off

Seriously, I was at my friend’s house playing with the dog – please note that in past years my fat butt sat and watched the dog, none of this aerobic activity for ME!- when plunk! my shorta dropped to the cement pathway – without my usually body parts in them. They were buttoned, zipped and simply slipped over my hips to the floor. Thank goodness I wear viewer friendly underwear from Torrid.

If I had stayed as fat as usual, all of my clothes would still fit me, I wouldn’t have to shop or steal from my “also thinning” friends like Kathy and Gigi.

I have been giving my clothes away to CalWORKS participants as fast as I can, and am cycling through new looks like no-bodies business. My questionable fashion taste has been repplaced with pre-worn and pre-approved styles from the more fashionable and classy women named above. I hadly recognize myself.

This weekend I have to wash and sort the rest of my clothes and remove anything a size 20 or above to avoid any more unfortunate “slippages”.

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